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It is absolutely critical to minimize the amount of soil disturbance on a building site. When this aspect of construction is well-managed, La Crosse area waters are protected and so are relationships with customers, neighbors, working partners, and the community.

A Few Guidelines for First-time Home Builders

Keep soil on the building site. It should not move off your property.

Understanding the difference between erosion control and sediment control makes construction site management easier and more economical. Why? Erosion control (keeping soil in place) is more cost effective and efficient than sediment control (trapping and removing sediment after erosion occurs).

Understand the boundaries of the property and the road right-of-way.

If your property has public road frontage, it will border a right-of-way. Most rural right-of-ways contain drainage ditches. It is important to realize that these right-of-ways are not part of your site and need to be protected from sediment. The approved driveway access point to a roadway is the only area within the right-of-way that may be disturbed. Road ditches are designed to carry storm water runoff, so they canít be allowed to fill with soil or sediment. The right-of-way is not part of your property and sediment cannot be allowed to reach the road ditches.

Clean soil tracked off-site by contractor vehicles onto public roadways at     the end of each work day. This is the law. The County land conservation     office may issue a notice of non-compliance to a contractor for this     violation. However, the property owner is the ultimate responsible party.

Proper Installation of Silt Fences

Learn how silt fences stop erosion and how to install them in these four short videos. Click on each link to view the videos. You will need QuickTime Player to view the movies. If you don't have it, download it free.

How a Silt Fence Stops Erosion (17 seconds)

Install Silt Fences so They Pond Water (29 seconds)

Put Silt Fence on the Slope's Contour (1 minute, 18 seconds)

Install Silt Fences in a Trench (32 seconds)

Print this poster and hang it up! Itís a simple reminder of best management practices for storm water management on home construction sites.

Site Management

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